Tyrannicide tour accomplished // 20.05.2014

We want to say thank you: To all the crowds during the Tyrannicide Tour 2014 with Criminal and The Outside - in Osterholz, Wismar, Eisenhüttenstadt, Dresden, Prague, Vienna, Munich, Emden and Berlin. Also to all local promoters who made this possible. To all bands who supported this tour.

Furthermore to everyone who helped promoting this trip and working in the background to make it happen. You know who you are. This tour was only possible because of you. Thanks!

Your leader falls // 22.04.2014

We got a new song online! "When Leaders Fall" is taken from The Outside's upcoming second album "Dawn of the Deaf". We're giving away free downloads of this song - drop us a line via Facebook or a mail with your e-mail address so we can send you a download code: contact@the-outside.net, or facebook.com/theoutside.metal.

See you on tour in May!

Thrashing down Germany and Austria // 20.02.2014

We're happy to announce our upcoming shows in Germany and Austria in May 2014 - and extremely proud to support the headliner tour of the Thrash Metal masters Criminal. We hope to see all of you - and thrash down these towns in Germany and Austria together.

New bass player // 26.01.2014

We are extremely happy to welcome Ishay Sommer in the band. He is taking over the position on bass guitar. We've been working with him for some weeks now. Ishay convinced us with his friendliness, dedication and skill, which he also brought to the studio, when he recorded all the bass tracks for the upcoming album. Our first live performance with him is already close: 8 February in Dublin, Ireland.

If you want, welcome Ishay on our Facebook page.

Recordings have begun // 09.10.2013

We've started recording our next album. Alberto and Roland are in Lübeck at Lasse Lammert's LSD Studio by the Baltic Sea right now. The drum tracks are first. All recordings are planned to be done until the end of the year. Those who were at the preview show in Berlin should know that this album will become a wrecking ball.

You'll find more detailed news and updates about this on our Facebook page.