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"One of the most promising German newcomers." (Legacy Magazine Germany)

"This album does not let up for a second. From start to finish it is a relentless, politically furious, technical, melodic, Thrash assault." (metal-temple.com)

"The bombastic thrash sound is raw, angry, and distorted and marks an impressive debut." (metalglory.de)

"Excellently played, smartly arranged and refreshing." (Jakob Kranz - Metal Hammer Germany)

"A varied, discreetly technical piece of thrash metal with an ideal sound. The guitars shine with complex riffs, ingeniously set overtones and fantastic solos. There are tons of details to discover in each song." (stormbringer.at)

"It sounds great." (Randy Black - Primal Fear, Duskmachine, Ex-Annihilator)

"Great power/thrash metal. I'm impressed." (Anton Reisenegger - Criminal, Lock Up, Pentagram)