Sergio Klein leaves, playing last festival // 27.05.2016

The Outside's guitarist and co-founder Sergio Klein is no longer a member of the band. Sergio decided to leave and concentrate on other projects. We released a Demo with him, our self-titled debut album, and our second album "Dawn of the Deaf" last year. We have shared the stages of nearly 100 shows, and will do so the last time on 3 June, at the KAMENITÉ CAS ROCK FEST Open Air in the Czech Republic.

We had great times together and are parting on good terms. We wish Sergio all the luck in the world.

A pic from 2009: Alberto Atalah, Roland B. Marx, Sergio Klein

A fantastic year behind us, a new one ahead // 11.01.2016

First of all, we would like to thank everyone for another good year - 2015! We officially released or second record, "Dawn of the Deaf", which received great reviews. As a result, we've been to Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands and England for the first time in the band's history. This wouldn't have been possible without a lot of people, and everyone working in the background know who they are. The others were in front of the stage, making everything more than worthwhile. Thank you so much!

And as for 2016 - we are already working on some things, stay tuned. Until then: visit us on Facebook, share our videos, play our record loud! But most importantly: Stay awake. Nobody's born a leader.

Thanks England! // 29.05.2015

Now that we've licked our touring wounds (read: catched up with sleep and healthy food), we have to say: What a great experience! The shows in UK and with legendary thrashers Anihilated were awesome, and we are definitely looking forward to playing the awesome Netherlands again as well. Thanks everyone for their support, you rule.

England live premiere // 17.03.2015

We're proud to announce that we're teaming up with UKs legendary thrashers Anihilated for shows in Germany, The Netherlands and England in May. Have a look at all the dates of the Dawn of the Antisocial European Tour 2015 here. The Netherlands and England are a first for us, and we're looking forward to seeing all of you soon!

Coverage in Legacy Magazine // 21.12.2014

The German Metal Mag Legacy is featuring us in their first issue for 2015, reason being our new album "Dawn of the Deaf". We're excited that its opening track "End of Trust" appears on the enclosed Audio CD as well. Moreover, we're talking about the background of the album in an interview. Tell us what you think on Facebook.

On another note, stay tuned for touring news.

New tour and album release // 02.10.2014

Our new album "Dawn of the Deaf" will be released on 8 November via Bret Hart Records. We will also tour in Germany and Poland, together with our South American friends of TimecodE! Check out all the dates here.